Aquasana eq-300 installation

to standard 42. The Rhino whole house water filtration system has undergone 3 years of rigorous testing and is NSF certified to remove 97% of the chlorine from a minimum of 600,000 or 1,000,000 gallons of water, depending on which system you buy. Why is this important? Without this certification unproven claims can be made about the performance of a water filter system.  Beware of filters that have only NSF “certified components”. This proves nothing about the design and performance of the entire system. Aquasana Rhino whole house filter systems have been NSF tested and certified as a complete system.

The performance claims and pricing found in these whole house water filter reviews and comparisons are taken directly from the Manufacturer’s literature.
Brand Aquasana EcoWater Wellness Crystal Quest Cuzn Model 600,000 Rhino ECWS MG-III CQE-WH-01103 WH-200B Retail Price $ $2500 $5950 $529 $1595 Replacement Cost $ $2500 $2000 $155 $595 Capacity 600,000 Gal. 695,000 Gal. 700,000 Gal. 80,000 Gal. 500,000 Gal. Estimated Life 6 Years 5 Years 3 Years 1 Year 5 Years Repalcement Filter Type Main Filter Tank & Media Main Filter Tank & Media Cartridge Empty & Refill Media Filters Chlorine Yes > 97% Yes Yes Yes > 50% Yes > 50% Filters Sediment Yes Yes Yes Complete System Certification ( NSF) Yes Yes No No No Needs Backflushing No Yes Yes No Needs Electricity No Yes Yes No Needs Drainage No Yes Yes No No Wastewater No Yes Yes No No Satisfaction Guarantee 90 Days 30 Days Minus Shipping Warranty 6 Years 1 Year Limited 10 Year Limited Tank Only
Many other water filter systems were considered for the whole house water filter reviews supplied here but were not included because their performance claims were unfortunately either undocumented or overly exaggerated. Only performance claims that have been certified by NSF  are considered certified in the whole house water filter reviews provided.

Chloramine is a disinfection agent comprised of chlorine + ammonia used as an alternative to chlorine in some city water treatment facilities. They use chloramines for two big reasons: (1) chloramine is less reactive, so it does not create as many disinfection by-products as chlorine, and (2) chloramine is more persistent, and remains in the treated water through the distribution network all the way to the taps in the homes the treatment facility serves. For customers with chloramine in their water, we offer the EQ-400. The EQ-400 features upgraded catalytic activated carbon media , which has a higher surface point and is able to handle the aggressiveness of the chloramine for a longer period of time than the standard coconut shell carbon used in the standard whole house systems. The EQ-400 is available for purchase by calling the Aquasana Water Specialists at 866-662-6885.

Aquasana eq-300 installation

aquasana eq-300 installation


aquasana eq-300 installationaquasana eq-300 installationaquasana eq-300 installationaquasana eq-300 installationaquasana eq-300 installation