Boldenone giving blood

Male users should take the standard dosage falling in the range of 200mg to 400mg per week. The threshold of 400mg is mostly considered well-tolerated. Even taking 600mg per week, consumers still finds tolerable with side effects being extremely easy to control, but potential estrogenic impacts will be increased. Due to the long half-life, one weekly injection is recommended for most men. 

Common duration in cutting cycles is a minimum of 8 weeks. With the off-season period, 8 weeks is the minimum, but most find 12 weeks to be more efficient. Bulking or cutting, Boldenone 200 is an extremely versatile anabolic steroid that stacks well with all anabolic steroids.

Female dosage should surround 50mg per week. Some even find it tolerable in the range of 75mg to 100mg per week, but only they are not hypersensitive and comfortable with the standard dose. The cycle of 6 weeks is appropriate, and occasional 8-week run by those who well tolerate the hocmone.

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With Boldenon in moderate doses aromatisation is usually not a problem to worry about. But it does aromatise a little so if you are sensitive or uses Boldenon in high doses there is still a reason to look out. This means that the risk of side effects like gynocomastia and water retention is small. The small aromatisation that does occur is positive for the glucose utilization (bringing back glycogen in the cell after a hard workout) and increases your natural growth hormone release. The main advantage is that oestrogen upgrades the androgen receptors giving an anabolic effect. Boldenon is not so toxic for the liver and the DHT conversion is also low. Acne and high blood pressure problems are also rare, this steroid is in all fairly safe to use and very much recommended.

jimgear :
Front loaded with 2g, now I’m running 750mg ew along with 1500 test, 525 tren (soon to be increased) and starting 100mg Anadrol Ed next week. Would you guys bump the eq or should 750 be sufficient?
My appetite has been terrible lately though. I haven’t run any orals in quite a while, but I feel like when I’m on 30mg Superdrol. I have to force myself to eat, and it’s really hard to get clean calories down. I’m hoping this is just because I’ve been out of the gym for a few weeks due to an injury, and once I get back in the gym my appetite will increase.

Boldenone giving blood

boldenone giving blood


boldenone giving bloodboldenone giving bloodboldenone giving bloodboldenone giving bloodboldenone giving blood