Boosting testosterone with supplements

I tried the cup of raisins before bed and woke up before dawn with an erection reminiscent of days gone by, that lasted for over an hour. Pretty awesome! Though peeing was a long and drawn out affair.
I just had my T checked as I was not getting them any more, neither was I much interested in sex. The test came back with a paltry 305 @ 46yrs old. Just a year ago my erections used to have a bitter sweet ache to them. After going close to zero carb I lost my power, my head hair, got rosacea, limp erections, and my nitric oxide plummeted. I stopped training as it was painful and although I was eager to exercise my body just didn’t seem up to it. ( come to think of it now after reading all these articles, it would seem that lower elasticity of my arteries(low NO) was the reason.)

Hi Abel, my husband and I have been following your program since the beginning of March, so far he is down 60lbs and I am down 30. WOOT! We about half way to our weight loss goals. But this is so much more than just weight loss, it is about a more joyful life… do you agree? My question is this, we both have hormonal imbalances, low testosterone and low estrogen (I am 48 my husband is 53) Do you have any suggestions for meal plans that would put our perspective hormones back in line without messing up our spouse too much. Right now we are taking maca… it has helped me tremendously , my husband has not experienced much of a change. (we have been taking it for 3weeks) any help would be appreciated. Thank you and your sweet wife, Alison for all of your guidance so far, you have changed our lives☺

Vegan bodybuilders that are big Juice fellas don’t kid yourself. Meat doesn’t attack your heart sugar does in a synergistic way with meat. All the natives in the artic eat only meat and they have the lowest rate of cancer and heart disease. We evolved eating cooked meat. Bioavailability of protein in vegetables is next to bill. The longest living animals eat meat Sharks and turtles. Turtles eat crickets which have the highest weight to protein ratio to any living thing on the planet. Do your research and don’t fall into Vegan propaganda. Like the fat free diet craze which items where pumped full of sugar and caused the obesity epidemic in America. Just a little info for you good people.

Boosting testosterone with supplements

boosting testosterone with supplements


boosting testosterone with supplementsboosting testosterone with supplementsboosting testosterone with supplementsboosting testosterone with supplementsboosting testosterone with supplements