Decanoate preparation

Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate represents the dominant large ester based Trenbolone compound on the market. It was first released by the France based Negma Laboratories in the late 1960’s under the trade name Parabolan. This represents the first and only Trenbolone hormone to ever exist in human grade form. Parabolan was prescribed for many years in cases of malnutrition, which will make a lot of sense as we dive into the compound. It was also prescribed to treat osteoporosis in some cases, as well as in the treatment of cachexia.

Zuclopenthixol has no mutagenic or carcinogenic potential. In a rat oncogenecity study 30 mg/kg/day for two years (top dosage) resulted in slight non-statistical increases in the incidence of mammary adenocarcinomas, pancreatic islet cell adenomas, carcinomas in females and thyroid parafollicular carcinomas. The slight increase in the incidence of these tumors is a common finding for D 2 antagonists, which increase prolactin secretion when administered to rats. The physiological differences between rats and humans with regard to prolactin make the clinical significance of these findings unclear, but it is accepted as not predicting an oncogenic risk in patients.

Decanoate preparation

decanoate preparation


decanoate preparationdecanoate preparationdecanoate preparationdecanoate preparationdecanoate preparation