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Cordyceps Sinensis
100 Capsules

Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas Mycelium is an excellent strengthening tonic for convalescing patients, and patients with reduced appetite, weak blood, weakened resistance of respiratory tract and susceptibility to colds or flu can take this product orally to strengthen resistance.

Traditional Use
This product is a powerful healer that invigorates the body's system by restoring and maintaining vitality, and strengthening the immune system . It can help relieve the symptoms of persistent cough, lumago knee pain, fatigue, emission, night sweat and weakness of the elderly or after illness .

Take 2 capsules, 2 times daily for general well-being

Take 2-4 capsules, 3 times daily for healing purposes.

Course of Use
These are general health supplements, you can take it long term or short term to improve your general health. It has no known side effects.

Good Feedbacks/Reviews
At this price you get 100 capsules, which I think is quite reasonable, I do consume other supplements, and I constantly take 2 capsules daily before meals. I see improvement especially when I climb up stairs, not that breathless anymore. I have

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Doctor for low testosterone

doctor for low testosterone


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