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* casein is the most abundant protein of milk, mainly as a food materials or microbial culture medium used, using enzymatic hydrolysis technology of casein phosphopeptides prepared with mineral loss prevention, prevention of dental caries, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and rickets, promote animal fertilization, regulation of blood pressure, treatment of iron deficiency anemia, magnesium deficiency neuritis and other physiological functions, especially the promotion of major elements (Ca, Mg) and trace elements (Fe, Zn, Cu, Cr, Ni, Co, Mn, Se) high absorption features which has “mineral carrier” reputation, it can and metal ions, particularly calcium ion binding the formation of soluble complexes, on one hand and effectively avoid the calcium in the small intestine of neutral or slightly alkaline environment in the form of precipitation, but also can be in the absence of VD involved in the condition of calcium absorption by intestinal cells, the CPPs is the most effective to promote calcium absorption factor, it is found as a calcium products R & D a new present, CPPs has been recognized as the most studied at home and abroad, the most in-depth, application field is very extensive, and highly value the development of a class of molecular structure and biological function has a clear correlation between the activity of peptide material.

Eq bodybuilding

eq bodybuilding


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