Eq paladin only weapons

Remember, these are the recommendations from one Tarudin's experience, and you will need to find what works for you. Some flexibility is important, so do your gobbie bag quests and bring a variety of gear for different situations. Keep in mind, just because a piece of gear is higher level doesn't mean it's better. My preferences for stats were always VIT > DEF > AGI > HP . Tarutaru have good natural agility, but the more you have, the more you will shield block and parry, which means less damage done to you. Follow the above recommendations, but keep in mind the following Taru-only items, and the ones that benefit Tarutaru more than other races.

SKs are 1. Cooler (Badass in black plate and a 2h sword)
2. SKs have better races (Ogres/Trolls dominate if you are a melee)
3. SKs can solo MUCH better than a paladin, they're offensive based hybrids.
4. SKs have snare.
5. In classic SKs have better snap aggro than Paladins.
6. Feign death cannot be understated, that 13% might suck when it goes off, but not dying due to a bad pull when the 87% works is a godsend.
7. Clerics give cleric buffs, as do Druids (part of them) So the buffing part is non issue.
8. Some people like being evil, and being able to XP anywhere they want without worrying about faction.

The Crusaders, a playable character class new to the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion, were formed by the cleric Akkhan in order to expose and cleanse the corruption at the heart of the Zakarum faith. Crusaders believe their mission would never end; to this end, each crusader is obliged to train an apprentice who would eventually take up their arms and their very name to preserve their legacy. The Crusaders are notably more focused on offensive abilities than Paladins or Templars, capable of both using weapon-based attacks up close and cast holy magic from a distance. The Crusaders' class-specific weapon is a flail, which comes in one-handed or two-handed versions. As many of their abilities rely on having a shield equipped, they are the only class that may opt to wield a two-handed weapon in one hand while using a shield in the other.

Eq paladin only weapons

eq paladin only weapons


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