Equinox eq-300 water filter

We are extremely happy with the PureMaster V-700 and FluorideMaster Premium Whole House Water Filtration Systems, and the prompt, helpful customer service we've received. Water pressure was a concern of ours, and we noticed no drop in pressure after the system was installed. We are enjoying the freedom of being able to drink water from any tap in the house, instead of from a water filter installed at the kitchen sink. The water is clear and delicious without the chlorine smell it had in the past. And somehow the bath water now has a lovely shade of blue. Our plumber installed shut-off valves on either side of the filter system - highly recommended for ease of use.
Susan R., Portland, Oregon (OR)

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Equinox eq-300 water filter

equinox eq-300 water filter


equinox eq-300 water filterequinox eq-300 water filter