Equipoise only cycle log

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In , the Buddha’s opinion on some claims made by Brahmana’s that “whatever a person experience’s, all that is caused by what was done in the past” is clarified. The Buddha refutes this claim that everything that happens, is caused by something done in the past and gives 8 causes, one being kamma-vipaka. It has to be understood here that “what has been done in the past” does not refer to kamma-vipaka, as the Buddha says that, it is wrong to think that everything happens due to what was done in the past because kamma-vipaka can also be a cause.

Estrogen  Conversion
Now that we have covered why you should not take oral steroids alone we need to talk about why you don’t want to take anabolic steroids without a aromatase inhibitor on hand
when   you   take  oral  steroids  or injectable  steroids  a  certain   part  of what  you  inject or  take  will go threw a conversion process that will convert  part  of the testosterone to  estrogen  in males any  estrogen  in the body will a big problem since its  responsable  for  gynoclimastia  and vicious acne all can be avoided  when   you  get your self a aromatase inhibitor such as  aromasin

Equipoise only cycle log

equipoise only cycle log


equipoise only cycle logequipoise only cycle logequipoise only cycle logequipoise only cycle logequipoise only cycle log