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At 3: Won Kentucky Derby (G1), Preakness Stakes (G1), Belmont Stakes (G1), San Felipe Stakes, Santa Anita Derby (G1), Hollywood Derby (G1), Jim Dandy Stakes At 4: Won Strub Stakes (G1), Santa Anita Handicap (G1), Californian Stakes (G1), Hollywood Gold Cup (G1), Woodward Stakes (G1), Jockey Club Gold Cup (G1)

  • . Triple Crown Champion (1978)
  • American Champion 2-Year-Old Colt (1977)
  • American Champion 3-Year-Old Male Horse (1978)
  • American Champion Older Male (1979)
  • American Horse of the Year (1978, 1979)
  • Champion Sire Died Jan 12, 2001 (JRD) @ age 26

    ch. 1965 [C] RAISE A NATIVE (USA)
    ch. 1961 [B] NATIVE DANCER (USA)
    gr. 1950 [IC] POLYNESIAN (USA)
    br. 1942 [I] UNBREAKABLE (USA) blk. 1935 BLACK POLLY (USA) b. 1936 GEISHA (USA) *
    gr. 1943 DISCOVERY (USA) ch. 1931 [S] MIYAKO (USA) gr. 1935 RAISE YOU (USA) *
    ch. 1946 CASE ACE (USA)
    b. 1934 TEDDY (FR)   b. 1913 [S] SWEETHEART (USA) ch. 1920 * LADY GLORY (USA)
    br. 1934 AMERICAN FLAG (USA) ch. 1922 BELOVED (USA) br. 1927 EXCLUSIVE (USA) *
    ch. 1953 SHUT OUT (USA)
    ch. 1939 EQUIPOISE (USA)
    ch. 1928 [IC] PENNANT (USA) ch. 1911 SWINGING (USA) ch. 1922 GOOSE EGG (USA)
    b. 1927 CHICLE (FR) b. 1913 OVAL (USA) ch. 1921 GOOD EXAMPLE (USA)
    br. 1944 PILATE (USA)
    ch. 1928 [C] FRIAR ROCK (USA) ch. 1913 HERODIAS (GB) gr. 1916 * PARADE GIRL (USA) *
    b. 1933 DISPLAY (USA) b. 1923 PANOPLY (USA) b. 1917 WONT TELL YOU (USA) *
    b. 1962 CRAFTY ADMIRAL (USA)
    b. 1948 FIGHTING FOX (USA)
    b. 1935 SIR GALLAHAD (FR)
    b. 1920 [C]   TEDDY (FR)   b. 1913 [S] PLUCKY LIEGE (GB) b. 1912 * MARGUERITE (USA) *
    ch. 1920 CELT (USA) ch. 1905 FAIRY RAY (GB) ch. 1911 * ADMIRAL'S LADY (USA) *
    br. 1942 WAR ADMIRAL (USA)
    br. 1934 [C] MAN O' WAR (USA) ch. 1917 [S] BRUSHUP (USA) b. 1929 BOOLA BROOK (USA) *
    b. 1937 BULL DOG (FR) br. 1927 [B] BROOKDALE (USA) b. 1921 SCARLET RIBBON (USA)
    b. 1957 VOLCANIC (USA)
    b. 1945 AMBROSE LIGHT (FR)
    ch. 1933 PHAROS (GB) br. 1920 [I] LA ROSERAIE (FR) ch. 1928 HOT SUPPER (USA)
    b. 1939 GALLANT FOX (USA) b. 1927 BIG DINNER (USA) b. 1933 NATIVE VALOR (USA)
    br. 1948 MAHMOUD (FR)
    gr. 1933 [IC] BLENHEIM (GB) br. 1927 [CS] MAH MAHAL (GB) gr. 1928 * NATIVE GAL (USA)
    b. 1939 SIR GALLAHAD (FR)   b. 1920 [C] NATIVE WIT (USA) b. 1929 *

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    Equipoise results

    equipoise results


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