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We hope the following lists of reported or suspected herb and supplement-drug interactions will help give you a better understanding of when you can or cannot take certain herbs and drugs together and why.  This list is by no means exhaustive or complete.  In the listing of interactions by category of drug we sometimes give examples of drugs found in certain categories.  There may be quite a number of different drugs in these categories, but we have only listed some of the more familiar ones.  So if you don’t find certain drugs in the examples we have given it doesn’t mean they are not included in that particular category.  As information on herb/supplement-drug interactions continues to be published we will endeavor to update it. 

The herb-drug interactions have been classified in two ways:  1)  Category of Drug  and 2)  Herb or Supplement .  Both sections are listed alphabetically.

Key to references consulted for herb-drug and supplement-drug interactions cited below unless otherwise specified :

Haldol dec cost

haldol dec cost


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