How to shoot testosterone

Obesity  – Overweight men breasts seem too big because of fat deposits, not the growth of breast tissue. This condition is known pseudogynecomastia.
or  hormonal  – As we age, men can develop an imbalance in the levels of testosterone estrogen, which tip the scales in favor of estrogen in tissues resulting in growth.
or  medical conditions  – It could be testicular or breast cancer, liver failure or other serious diseases.
or  related  drugs – Men who use anabolic steroids or drugs with estrogen can cause estrogen dominance.

Hey Simon! You are on the right track buddy…By taking Zinc you are producing more sperm count, and since it builds pressure within your testicles, the semen is going to explode on your first spurt but will start fading away due to the release of pressure. One thing you can do to is to do Kegel exercises in order to have the same distance on your second and third spurt. Remember, the key to shooting farther is based on three things: strength of your PC Muscle, amount of semen produced (pressure within), and viscosity of your semen. If you target these three then you are on your way to your first porn! Best of luck! Paco Penne.

How to shoot testosterone

how to shoot testosterone


how to shoot testosteronehow to shoot testosteronehow to shoot testosteronehow to shoot testosteronehow to shoot testosterone