Increase in testosterone

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I’ve been a vegan for years. As a meat eater my health was sh*t and I was a skinny weakling. I’ve gained about 50 pounds of muscle since I went vegan, and can outperform most non-vegans at the gym or in the bedroom. If you want actual studies that explain why this happened to me and why many athletes are moving to a whole foods, plant-based diet during their training seasons, check out Dr. Gregor’s http:/// . You’ll learn that vegans actually have MORE testosterone on average than vegetarians or meat eaters (according to a UK study of 700 men, the largest study ever conducted comparing vegans to non-vegans). Show me a study with a larger sample size demonstrating the opposite, I’d love to see it!

Last but not least, cocoa nibs are the secret weapon that make these macho rice cakes so good for your testosterone levels. Think of these little morsels as chocolate chips that come from the earth. They may not be as sweet as actual chocolate chips, but they are a hell of a lot more beneficial. Raw cocoa nibs are jam-packed with minerals and antioxidants that help you keep a healthy gut and immune system. They also have an amazing ratio of fatty acids, which can assist testosterone production in active men.

Increase in testosterone

increase in testosterone


increase in testosteroneincrease in testosteroneincrease in testosteroneincrease in testosteroneincrease in testosterone