Is dhea testosterone

Thanks for the article. Just wanted to add my two cents. As a male, aged 42, who has struggled with Testosterone levels at around 295, I was shocked to experience that only 5mg of sublingual DHEA (douglas brand) taken for 1 week raised my testosterone levels to over 550. And i should also note that I didn’t bother running the test until another full week had passed after I stopped the DHEA. So its possible/likely that it was even higher while on it. This stuff completely transforms my world at very low doses. I should also note that my DHEA-S levels prior to taking DHEA supplement were in the lower 1/4th of “normal” range. I forget what the range is, but as a hypothetical, if the range was 100 to 500 … mine landed around the equivalent of 190.

Q. I started taking DHEA a couple days ago because I have an extremely exhausted adrenal level. I had severe depression. So I purchased a bottle of 10 mg, I took one tablet and within a few days my life has changed. It is awesome, I stay awake, I am not depressed. But I read the hair loss side effects. Will I start to have thinning hair, I am a woman, 110 lbs.
A. Hair thinning or hair loss is possible with DHEA in men and women. It is dose dependent and also dependent on how often it is taken. There are many other supplements used for depression and it may be a good idea to use other herbs or supplements while taking a break from the use. These include 5-HTP, mucuna pruriens, SAM-e, and St. John’s wort.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study in adult polydrug users in a detoxification program showed the efficacy of prasterone treatment combined with psychosocial enrichment and after-care. Prasterone administration positively affected decision-making, mood and well-being as early as one month into treatment, and had a long-lasting preventive effect on relapse to drug use. In a 16-month follow-up, relapse rates of prasterone-treated subjects were only %. No adverse symptoms were found. These findings demonstrate the long-term effect of prasterone on drug relapse. [53]

Is dhea testosterone

is dhea testosterone


is dhea testosteroneis dhea testosteroneis dhea testosteroneis dhea testosteroneis dhea testosterone