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– The rectifier diodes drops the voltage as a side effect by about . So after you make DC from your 12V AC transformer, you would measure just about DC output. That is the voltage level of a very depleted 12V battery, so it is totally inappropriate as a charger.
– LM7815 only can reduce voltage to a stable 15V from a higher voltage, at least from
– An LM7812 would also fail to produce 12V stabilized voltage with an input less than
– To charge a lead acid 12V battery you will need at least

In addition to official subprojects of LLVM, there are a broad variety of other projects that use components of LLVM for various tasks . Through these external projects you can use LLVM to compile Ruby, Python, Haskell, Java, D, PHP, Pure, Lua, and a number of other languages. A major strength of LLVM is its versatility, flexibility, and reusability, which is why it is being used for such a wide variety of different tasks: everything from doing light-weight JIT compiles of embedded languages like Lua to compiling Fortran code for massive super computers.

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