Low t natural remedies

This Natural Progesterone Cream without Phytoestrogens is a natural therapy that is applied to a thin skinned area twice a day, and it can help to support healthy progesterone levels . Progesterone creams are superior to oral therapies, because for most people they are better processed by the body. Oral consumption can lead to poor metabolism of progesterone, because the stomach acids will prematurely break it down. It is believed that only about 10 to 15 percent of the hormones taken orally reach their intended target. This is also a natural product, and synthetic progesterone products come with numerous negative side effects. A synthetic progesterone therapy can increase the risk of cancer, heart attack , and stroke. It may also lead to depression , nausea, and abnormal menstruation.

Low t natural remedies

low t natural remedies


low t natural remedieslow t natural remedieslow t natural remedieslow t natural remedieslow t natural remedies