Nandrolone decanoate definition

Decanoic acid acts as a non-competitive AMPA receptor antagonist at therapeutically relevant concentrations, in a voltage- and subunit-dependent manner, and this is sufficient to explain its antiseizure effects. [13] This direct inhibition of excitatory neurotransmission by decanoic acid in the brain contributes to the anticonvulsant effect of the MCT ketogenic diet . [13] Decanoic acid and the AMPA receptor antagonist drug perampanel act at separate sites on the AMPA receptor, and so it is possible that they have a cooperative effect at the AMPA receptor, suggesting that perampanel and the ketogenic diet could be synergistic. [13]

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NPP is a nandrolone ester , or a prodrug of nandrolone . [19] [5] As such, it is an androgen and anabolic steroid , or an agonist of the androgen receptor , the biological target of androgens like testosterone . [5] [19] Relative to testosterone, NPP has enhanced anabolic effects and reduced androgenic effects. [19] [5] In addition to its anabolic and androgenic activity, NPP has low estrogenic activity (via its metabolite estradiol ) and moderate progestogenic activity. [5] Like other AAS, NPP has antigonadotropic effects, which are due to both its androgenic and progestogenic activity. [5]

Nandrolone decanoate definition

nandrolone decanoate definition


nandrolone decanoate definitionnandrolone decanoate definitionnandrolone decanoate definitionnandrolone decanoate definitionnandrolone decanoate definition