Natural male testosterone

"I'm 53 years old and my passion is surfing the oceans worldwide – big waves. Since taking Andro400, I'm now down to my ideal weight – from 185 to 175 now which is probably a net 15 pound loss, taking into account that the increased muscle I have now is heavier than the fat it replaced. My energy level is up. I feel strong and more physically fit in general. Also, from surfing I have been injured many times – for example I've broken my neck and pelvis among other things. Taking Andro400, I have much less pain overall – and I've been able to take less pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs .”
-- Marc Magana, San Marcos, CA

This ancient herb is only one of many ancient herbs used for centuries by native and indigenous people to boost male virility. Related posts:

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      Natural male testosterone

      natural male testosterone


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