Normal level of testosterone in female

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Hello doctor. I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my left shoulder blade. I have had a MRI of that area and it came back normal. Just a little wear and tear the doc said. My husband talked me into going to see his chiroprator. I don't like having my neck cracked or any part of me really. But, nevertheless, I went seeking some relief. The chiropractor took x-rays of my neck and said that the bottom 2 vertabre in my neck are too close together, like the cushion is gone. And also that the natural curve of the neck is not there. Mine is very straight. I have taken some pain meds and they help so very much, but my doctor has issues about prescribing them to me. So, I have no medicine except for Advil and I have to take handfuls of those to even touch the pain. Do you think surgery would end this cycle of pain?? I'm desperate to get this pain under control. Thanks in advance for your input.

It is still possible to achieve normal BUN levels after bouts of increased or decreased BUN levels. Depending on the underlying cause of abnormal BUN levels, keeping them in normal range may involve following a lifestyle change, eating a healthy diet and maintaining appropriate medications. People with increased BUN levels due to kidney disease may be prescribed with some form of medication that is specially made to slow down the progression of the disease during its early stages. Although this does not discount the chances of dialysis in later stages to keep their BUN levels in normal range. It is also recommended to follow a special diet plan for people with kidney disease to help keep their BUN levels under control.

Normal level of testosterone in female

normal level of testosterone in female


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