Testosterone for cutting fat

Rest Harder Than You Work Out

If you overtrain -- meaning you don't allow your body to recuperate adequately between training sessions -- your circulating testosterone levels can plunge by as much as 40 percent, according to a study at the University of North Carolina. The symptoms of overtraining are hard to miss: irritability, insomnia, muscle shrinkage, joining the Reform Party. To avoid overtraining, make sure you sleep a full eight hours at night, and never stress the same muscles with weight-lifting movements two days in a row.

Being stronger means you can do a lot more when you are at the gym or just exercising in general. But, you have to get there first and that can be a little hard if you’re not very strong yet. It’s okay for you to struggle but make sure you stick with something that suits your skill level. If you try to take the heaviest weights possible to lift, for instance, you could seriously hurt or even kill yourself. Work your way up and don’t worry about looking weak because everyone that has a lot of muscle had to start somewhere.

Testosterone for cutting fat

testosterone for cutting fat


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