Testosterone replacement alternatives

It is suggested that bioavailable testosterone represents the fraction of circulating testosterone that readily enters cells and better reflects the bioactivity of testosterone than does the simple measurement of serum total testosterone. Also, varying levels of SHBG can result in inaccurate measurements of bioavailable testosterone. Decreased SHBG levels can be seen in obesity, hypothyroidism , androgen use, and nephritic syndrome (a form of kidney disease ). Increased levels are seen in cirrhosis , hyperthyroidism , and estrogen use. In these situations, measurement of free testosterone may be more useful.

Are you suffering from fatigue, low energy levels, and decreased sex drive? Does your fitness level seem to be going down instead of up even though you are working out more And does your weight seem to be going up instead of down although you’re actually maintaining a healthy diet? If this sounds like what you are experiencing, you may be suffering from low testosterone levels. More men—especially those over the age of 50—are suffering from lower testosterone than ever, a phenomenon that is possibly related to the high levels of hormones, such as bovine growth hormone, that are found in the food supply today. We offer testosterone treatments for people who are suffering from lowered testosterone levels. Our testosterone therapy can help you feel younger and more vibrant again. We offer customized testosterone therapies so you get the right natural testosterone boosters that are suited for your specific situation.

But, as we said above, the goals of testosterone replacement therapy are to make sure you're performing better in all aspects of life. How do we do this? We'll help you, think about a time when you were performing at your best. Did you have great energy? Did you have the motivation and drive to succeed? Now, what about your knowledge? Did you have the knowledge that you do now? That's what testosterone replacement therapy can help you with. Imagine it, combining the knowledge of your 40s and 50s with the energy levels of your 20s and 30s. What could you accomplish?

Testosterone replacement alternatives

testosterone replacement alternatives


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