Testostrone supplement

Alpha JYM works via five separate mechanisms that act together to support testosterone levels.*
• 6 research-backed ingredients provided in their proper doses.*
• 1000 milligrams per day of fenugreek to support your body’s own production of testosterone, promote free testosterone levels, and support a healthy balance with estrogen and DHT.*
• 1000 milligrams per day of Ashwagandha root extract to provide antioxidant support to important testosterone-producing cells for greater testosterone production.*
• 1000 milligrams per day of Damiana to support the blunting of testosterone converting to estrogen.*
• 500 milligrams of diindolymethane (DIM) to support the conversion of strong and damaging forms of estrogen into weaker forms that aren’t harmful to the body.*
• 200 milligrams of Eurycoma longifolia extract to further support both total testosterone and free testosterone levels.*
• 500 milligrams of quercetin to reduce testosterone excretion and help you maintain higher testosterone levels for longer.*

Another point I’d like to make for people worried about a link between high testosterone and prostate cancer is that it just doesn’t make sense. Prostate cancer becomes more prevalent in men as they age, and that’s also when their testosterone levels decline. We almost never see it in men in their peak testosterone years, in their 20s for instance. We know from autopsy studies that 8% of men in their 20s already have tiny prostate cancers, so if testosterone really made prostate cancer grow so rapidly — we used to talk about it like it was pouring gasoline on a fire — we should see some appreciable rate of prostate cancer in men in their 20s. We don’t. So, I’m no longer worried that giving testosterone to men will make their hidden cancer grow, because I’m convinced that it doesn’t happen.

Hi Boyscout Thank you for your comment... alot of people just assume everything is a quick fix but the usn program requires dedication because you do alot of gyming. I want to purchase the starter pack but needed to find out what others thought. Quick fixes are diet pills, which I've tried and hasn't worked. I'm tired of not being able to be active because I'm unfit. thank you.. I'm going to do the challenge. USN has been around for years. If you try something that hasn't proven to be safe and produce results then its understandable, but this is something that motivates you and assists you in changing your lifestyle.

Testostrone supplement

testostrone supplement


testostrone supplementtestostrone supplementtestostrone supplementtestostrone supplementtestostrone supplement