Undecylenic aldehyde

In terms of the mechanism underlying its antifungal effects against Candida albicans , undecylenic acid inhibits morphogenesis. In a study on denture liners, undecylenic acid in the liners was found to inhibit conversion of yeast to the hyphal form (which are associated with active infection), via inhibition of fatty acid biosynthesis. The mechanism of action and effectiveness in fatty acid-type antifungals is dependent on the number of carbon atoms in the chain, with efficacy increasing with the number of atoms in the chain.

Applications: Organo tin stabilizer  butyl tin mercaptide  is an organo butyl tin mercapto stabilizer. It provides outstanding heat & light stability maintaining initial colours. Being an effective heat stabilizer for crystal clear applications & requires lower doses compared with other stbilizers. Organo tin stabilizer butyl tin mercaptide is recommended in crystal clear pvc sheets, blow moulding, rigid films, injection moulding, calendaring process, extrusion etc. Being a strong heat stabilizer, it can be used for higher temperature processing.

Undecylenic aldehyde

undecylenic aldehyde


undecylenic aldehydeundecylenic aldehydeundecylenic aldehydeundecylenic aldehydeundecylenic aldehyde